100 to 300 birds – Pheasant or Mixed-bag (pheasant/duck) – 7 to 10 guns

The ShootingSpencersteamhighbird
Driven pheasant shooting takes place over our 26 named drives in the surrounding area of outstanding natural beauty in North Wales. The day consists of 4 drives of high, challenging birds over such drives as the famous Ski-Slopes, the daunting Little Moor and the highly acclaimed Hall Drive. Each drive is chosen to match the teams on the day and they can be driven in a variety of ways making Bodidris suitable for all abilities.Our drives are easily accessible and can be driven to even in inferior vehicles not made by Land Rover. If you book a mixed bag day these include a duck drive. Back to back days shooting can be provided, including a mini-driven day followed by a full driven day.

The Team
We can accommodate up to 10 guns on a driven day, with the minimum number being 6, shared pegs are welcome. If you are joining the day as an individual the rest of the team will consist of others who enjoy the challenging shooting, the atmosphere of a driven day and the fantastic service provided at Bodidris. Some bring their own well trained dogs to pick up for them on their pegs and often guests accompany the guns as do loaders.

famrwoodqualitybirdThe Pegs
All of our pegs and drives are accessible, however for less abled bodied clients we are able to personally chauffeur them to pegs, or if they prefer throughout the whole day on one of our Polaris Rangers. A lot of the shooting takes place in wide open fields, giving the team a chance to watch each other’s shooting.

Elevenses are provided which includes champagne and in the colder month’s sloe gin, pork pies, sausage rolls and scones. Tea and coffee are also on offer, and certain special requests can be accommodated.

Lunch is provided at the end of the day and special arrangements can be provided.

Format of the Day
Tea and coffee in the morning with the guns
2 drives followed by Elevenses
2 drives to finish followed by shoot lunch

Random Testimonial

Myself and my brother shot Bodidris on the 31 January 2014 and were immediately bowled over by the warmth and professionalism of Dave and his family/team. Great company, good food and the attention paid to each guest to equally spread out the shooting made the day for us. Unfortunately the weather was foul when we visited but the birds on the signature hall drive were first class high, fast and curling and will stick in my mind as some of the most challenging I have shot. This welcoming family run shoot is a gem based on traditional values and exemplifies all that is good about a modern high bird shoot.
Mr David Lewis