A high bird at Bodidris Shoot

A high bird at Bodidris Shoot

Driven Pheasant days available with bags from 100 to 600 at £32.00 per bird plus VAT

Mixed bag days shooting Driven Pheasant and Duck up to 600 birds from £28.00 per bird plus VAT

Duck only days available from September for £22 per bird inc VAT

Mini-driven 40 to 60 bird mixed bag days are available for teams of up to 10 £1,500 plus VAT

All shoot days include elevenses and lunch

• Corporate days welcome

• Roving syndicates

• Non shooting guests welcome

• Own dogs welcome

• Accommodation available in the Bodidris Estate Hotel
(Other accommodation can be arranged subject to requirements)

Random Testimonial

Having been set the task of finding a 100 bird day for the roaming syndicate I am part of meant a lot of pressure to find a shoot that would provide quality birds but also a shoot where overage was not a constant worry with a small number of birds for the bag. I can safely say that David Junior and Senior more than addressed these requirements and planned the day excellently!!! The birds were sent over our heads at an even pace and challenging height – especially impressive considering the lack of wind on the day. I strongly recommend joining the Rhodes family in this lovely shoot – I only wish I could do it again tomorrow!
Mr Ben Hickman