For teams of up to 8 guns, mixed bag game days

Walked up shooting at Bodidris Shoot in North WalesThe Shooting
We host walked-up days on various regions of the estate with mixed terrain, including on the moor. In September the bag will be partridge and duck and from October pheasant will also be available. Walked-up grouse days are also offered. Walked-up days are available Monday through to Saturday for teams up to 8 guns.

The TeamWalked up shooting at Bodidris Shoot in North Wales
The total number of guns on a shoot day will be 6, and they will be led by one of our Gamekeepers. If you are joining the day as an individual the rest of the team will consist of others who enjoy shooting and value the rewarding experience of walked up shooting. They span all walks of life and ages, most are from the local area and surrounding counties. Bringing your own dog to work in the line is encouraged. Other personal on the day may a couple of beaters / picker-ups in the line.

On walked-up days elevenses are not included and guns bring their own refreshments for the break that takes place during the day.

Lunch is an optional extra for guns. There is a menu to pick from each day, which includes but is not limited to beef burgers, fish and chips, curry and also cottage pies. Some teams of guns prefer to bring their own packed lunch.

Format of the Day
The guns will meet up in the morning for introductions and a safety brief before getting ready to make their way up onto the moor lead by one of our gamekeepers. Refreshment breaks will take place throughout as well as a packed lunch dinner break (unless the team wants to go to the pub for lunch which takes place at the end of the day). The shooting will finish in the afternoon.

Random Testimonial

Now in my second season of shooting at Bodidris, I have enjoyed many days there with challenging birds, carefully prepared and executed drives. A wonderful team of beaters and pickers up led admirably by David Snr and David Jnr. Top days, top shoot, top people!
Mr Martin Grady